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This is the place to get videos of me, Penny Barber, indulging in my personal kinks, taboo role play and ABDL. While I mostly play as a Mommy, I also like to assume to role of pervy aunt or slutty sister. This site also boasts my out-of-print sissification content. While I don't upload it anymore, I do have a soft sport for panty boys and sissies which can leak over into my other content, whether I'm making you lick Mommy's panties clean or dressing you up like a sissy baby girl.


Live webcam shows are rare treats not to be missed! If you do miss one, I record the exclusive video here so that you can watch it later. It isn't the same as being in the moment, but at least you get to feel included! You're also welcome to book me for private live webcam shows.

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